Adolescence can be considered a period of “turbulence”. It is often difficult for both the teenager and his parents. At this time, support is especially needed – and it is a psychologist who can become one. It will support the child and help parents better understand what is happening to the child and how the child grows up.
When it is necessary to consult a psychologist in adolescence:

  • if the teenager does not want to study and does not listen to anyone;
  • he/she becomes apathetic, feels chronic fatigue and has signs of depression;
  • the teenager is introverted and does not want to communicate with anyone;
  • it is difficult for him/her to find a common language with peers and/or parents;
  • there are irritability or/and aggression.

If your teen has similar symptoms and you are concerned about your child’s emotional state, consulting a child/adolescent psychologist will be very appropriate.