The program is aimed at conducting psychological rehabilitation activities, comprehensive support and personal development using individual and integrated approaches.
Objective: Psychological adaptation of families and children to other lifestyles in the new conditions. Learning techniques of self-control and skills of self-regulation.

Psychotherapeutic work with acquired or exacerbated fears and phobias. Psychodiagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), further psychocorrection and psychotherapy.
Building a parent-child relationship. Correction of impaired communication skills (skills of listening, perception, expression of feelings and desires, skills of clarifying the situation, defending their rights, interaction with subjectively distorted information) with the use of communicative and role-playing games.
Detection and correction of traumatic interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. Psychological work with the inner world, feelings, experiences, thoughts, feelings. Use of individual techniques aimed at positive change and harmonious interaction in the family.
Goal: Building the future. Psychology of happiness!
Psychological health of family and children. Stable psycho-emotional state. Positive indoor and outdoor atmosphere. Happy children, happy parents, happy Nation!

The main methods of psychological work are:
– Positive psychotherapy;
– Cognitive psychotherapy;

– Psychological counseling;
– Psychological diagnosis;
– Psychological correction;
– Psychotherapeutic care;
– Psychological trainings;
– Psychological restart.

Additional equipment:
– symbol drama;
– art therapy;
– fairy tale therapy;
– music therapy;
– sand therapy.